Aliens in Delhi

Think twice before you dial that phone … because it is precisely what they want you to do.

In the not-too distant future, the ISI and RAW, rival intelligence agencies caught in the midst of a bitter feud, discover that securing their borders is the least of their problems. Not when there is an extra-terrestrial race of reptiloids preparing to invade Earth – from within.

With the planet’s dominant species in their crosshairs, the aliens launch their first ‘offensive’ on one of the densest centres of their quarry’s population. As people in New Delhi start turning, politicians, scientists and defence forces work in tandem to face a foe unlike any other – a powerful alien race that threatens the very presence of humans on this planet. The question is: are we prepared?

From unveiling the actual reason behind the Chandrayaan missions and the truth about Osama Bin Laden, this SF sequel to Red Jihad throws India right in the middle of an alien invasion.



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