Wizards of Hazard

Is missing a first-division the end of life? Vinod’s parents sure think so. Despite being considered a lost cause by his family for not making it to an engineering college, Vinod wants to make the most of his BSc – boys will be boys!

Celebrate the heady exuberance of youth with Vinod, Joseph and Maddy – three friends on a journey that is hilarious, naughty, romantic and occasionally stupid. With a pact to lose their virginity before graduating, watch them experience the magic of friendship and camaraderie. A story so vibrant and authentic, it takes us through the lives of several fascinating characters who live somewhere within our own souls.

Wizard of Hazard traces a three year long journey that teaches the graduates more about human emotions and life than about science. Distinctively intuitive, wickedly candid, and vividly humorous, Namboothiri appeals to the college-goer present in all of us. Love, as one would experience, could be hazardous.


Purchase pre-launch copies at flipkart: http://goo.gl/LBiPFF


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