Animal Fables from Modern Persia

The Cat said: ‘Now that it is clear and well-known to us that we must be equal, kind and compassionate, and act rationally and sagely. For this we must internalize this dictum in our future course of action that encroaching upon others’ property is not in line with our dignity. We should be righteous and straight forward and show utmost respect to each other’s friendship.’

Thus speaks the cat contradicting its own nature, in a ‘congress of animals’ convened to discuss problems of the animal world, somewhat signifying the hypocrisy of our modern-day politicians who seldom do what they say

The rich modern Persian animal tales in this collection are replete with such sarcastic and symbolic comments. Astute depictions of modern human society through speech, acts and deeds of animals in these tales warrant a reading: The Pigeon and the Crow, The Little Black Fish, From the Memoirs of a Donkey, The Animals’ Congress, Two Cats on a Wall, The White Bearded Goat and many more.




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